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Chesapeake Bay Striper (Rockfish, Striped Bass) Fishing Charter Boat Trips in Virginia VA

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Virginia Chesapeake Bay Stripr fishing charter boat photo

Welcome to York River Charters! We are licensed to guide in both Maryland and Virginia Chesapeake Bay waters. This enables our fishing charter boat to pursue Stripers from Smith's Point on the Northern Neck of VA, to Lynnhaven Inlet in Virginia Beach. We run our charter trips from the closest port to where the Rockfish are at that point in their annual migration in the Chesapeake Bay. This gives our customers more time catching Striped Bass and less time "boat riding"!

Chesapeake Bay Striper photo Our customers have the opportunity to catch Striped Bass using various methods. If the rockfish are hitting lures, we troll. If the stripers want live bait, we utilize bait fish and eels. Sometimes jigging triggers the most strikes from these large Chesapeake Bay stripers. Our mission is to do what it takes to get our customer's trophy Striped Bass in the boat!

The Virginia Coastal Seasons for Striped Bass run from January 1 through March 31 and from May 16 through December 31. During these periods we can harvest stripers in the coastal waters of Virginia. The coastal waters start at the mouth of the Chesapeake bay and extend out seaward 3 miles.

Chesapeake Bay Spring Striper Season in Virginia opens May 1st through June 15th. During this season we can harvest rockfish from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay inland and up it's tributaries.

Virginia striped bass charter boat photo VA Chesapeake Bay Fall Rockfish Season runs from October 4th through December 31st. This period gives us the opportunity to catch trophy Striped Bass within the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and it's tributaries.

Chesapeake Bay Rockfish photoYork River Charters' goal is to provide our guests the the most personalized Striped Bass charter experience available on the Chesapeake Bay. We invite you to come on down and enjoy some of the finest trophy striper fishing trips on the east coast!

Catching Chesapeake Bay Rockfish provides action packed fun for our guests of all ages! We are certain Captain Alan's unique perspective and knowledge of the region are sure to give you reason to join us many times in the future and become yet another lifelong Striped Bass fishing friend.

Speaking of ages; after an exciting day of Chesapeake Bay Striper fishing, have you ever been curious as to the age of the striped bass you caught? If you know the length of your rockfish, you can approximate the weight and age of your catch by using our Striper Weight/Age chart!

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